Founded in 2008, GIY supports people around the world to live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives by growing some of their own food. Our mission is to educate and enable a global movement of food growers whose collective actions will help to rebuild a sustainable food system. In 2022, GIY aims to inspire over 1.8 million people to grow, cook and eat some of their own food at home, school, work and in the community.

The Garlic Story

Once upon a time there was an IT salesman called Michael. One day he was shopping in his local supermarket and he went to pick up a 90-cent bulb of garlic. But he paused when he read the label: “Product of China”. Staring at that garlic, which had been on an epic 5,000-mile journey, was a pivotal moment in Michael’s life. He left the supermarket and immediately set about growing his own garlic. And thus began the story of GIY…

Our Mission

The three core elements to our work at GIY:


Campaigns and Programmes

We create and deliver national awareness and engagement campaigns and programmes that inspire citizens, children, chefs, companies and communities to grow food and make more sustainable food choices.


Content and Products

We produce educational resources and themed growing kits – led by our GROWBox product range, aimed at making it easy to grow your own food at home – that support and enable people to grow, cook and eat some of their own food.



Based in Waterford City, GROW HQ is our award-winning café, kitchen garden and education centre. It’s the home of GIY, the Irish hub for the UN Chefs’ Manifesto programme and the filming location for the RTÉ ‘Grow Cook Eat’ TV series.

Our Vision

The Global Food Issue

Food production is responsible for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, while habitat loss from allocating land for food production is the main driver of biodiversity loss. Globally more than 690 million people remain undernourished, while diet is the leading cause of mortality in the developed world. So, what we eat matters and how it is grown and produced matters even more.

Decade of Action

GIY are proud to align our mission, vision and impact with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, and in line with the UN Decade of Action, our ambition at GIY is to inspire 100 million people around the world to grow some of their own food by 2030.


Our GIY Goals

Everything we do is guided by five principles, inspired by the simple but powerful act of growing food:

  1. Eat more plants
  2. End food waste
  3. Support small producers
  4. Stop food pollution
  5. Connect with nature

Our Mission

Our research shows that when people grow their own food it shifts their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around food. It empowers them to make healthier and more sustainable choices. We call this Food Empathy. We envision a world where all food is produced, distributed and consumed in a manner that is healthy for our planet and its people.

Impact Figures

Watering plant

30% GHG emissions

Intensive farming, monoculture and livestock emissions makes agriculture the second biggest contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


70% freshwater usage

Food production is the world’s largest water-consuming sector and its use in our food system has more than doubled since the 1960s.

The Earth

40% land use

Agriculture is the largest driver of deforestation and land-use change globally. Clearing land for food production causes damage to natural ecosystems and reduces biodiversity.


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